Cyanide Tea is an indie visual novel production team. We originally came together in order to create Break Chance Memento, but ended up hitting it off so much that we’ve teamed up permanently in order to release all our crazy ideas into the world in visual novel form.

I want people to walk away [from our games] feeling something […], to believe in the characters, and to feel that the game[s] gave them something more than just a way to pass time. […] I hope we are able to present VNs well to the audience, to make a consistent and positive playing experience, and hopefully engage them with the medium, similar to when you play shooter games as CSGO, that you feel the action and the war, and you can use services as csgo boosting to rank faster.

The name Cyanide Tea came about pretty randomly. We were trying to come up with a good name and settled on this, which sort of combines both of our nicknames, in a way. Chamomile is a kind of tea and it sounds like Camille, but Cyanide Chamomile sounded kind of silly, so we went with Cyanide Tea, which is appropriately cool-sounding and sinister both at once. As Cyanide Tea, we spend most of our time together plotting evil things to do to our characters via Google Docs (and now Skype) chatting. Luckily for the rest of the world, the two of us live in totally opposite time zones, so our window of together-time isn’t too big, otherwise we probably would’ve caused lots of mayhem by now.

Though we call ourselves a “team”, Cyanide Tea’s really just composed of two people at its core:


I’m the artist for Cyanide Tea, I generally go by Auro-Cyanide or Auro everywhere. I like making pretty things, though I’m pretty hopeless at technical stuff (see, I really should learn how to do GUIs). I suppose that is the best thing about working on a team. Um, I love stories, no matter what medium they are in, and so visual novels really appeal to me. It is so fantastic to be able to be a part of creating a world and its characters. I’m still learning and improving, and sometimes I get angry that I can’t draw exactly what I see in my head (my god, if I could…). But I have been drawing so long I could never imagine not doing it lol. My favourite things to draw are guys (especially their torsos…), blood, pretty hair, eyes, emotions and fantasy stuff. I will forever hate backgrounds, but I am getting better at them. Camille and I are doing great at this partnership thingy, so I’m excited to see what kind of things we can achieve.



Also known as Lorelei or “Camille”. I’m kind of the odd-jobs person in that I do a bit of everything that isn’t art-related. I write scripts, I program, I work on the GUIs, and I even coordinate all the music and sound effects. I also work on the website and do a lot of PR, haha. My main jobs, though, are writer and programmer. I’m a perfectionist, but sometimes I can be sort of scatterbrained, so this often leads to frustration… Oh, even though I’m the writer/programmer, I always ask for Auro’s input, so it’s not like I do it all on my own. Moving along, I generally like (reading and writing) stories with darker undertones. I don’t like writing depressing things just for the sake of it, though, and try to make my work have meaning. The best thing you could tell me is that my characters are relatable. In general, I also prefer fantasy and historical settings, so hopefully you can look forward to some of that in the future. ♥