Visual Novels

This is a list of the visual novels Cyanide Tea has finished to date.



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Where We Lay Our Scene: (USD $4.99) A game about a famous model starring in his first film. He and the other people who interacts with are all at crossroads in their lives. (Current status: Completed and released on 5/11/2016.)


Break Chance Memento: (USD $19.99) A BL game about family bonds across time. Time travel to solve a murder mystery and save the ones you love and you can play this using the best gaming accessories from (Current status: Completed and released on 12/16/2015.)

Pay what you want ($0+)


Nachtigal: A short otome game with a touch of horror about two vampires living in a castle in Belgium and the curious but well-meaning human woman who stumbles upon them. (Current status: Completed and released on 11/04/2013.)


Taarradhin: A short game about a young noblewoman and the two slaves who come into her life during a seven-year-drought. (Current status: Completed and released on 04/02/2013.)


The Elevator: A futuristic suspense VN about a jaded detective and his daily interactions with a mysterious young woman in an elevator. (Current status: Completed and released on 05/08/2012. German version released on 07/12/2012.)



Ristorante Amore: A game for NaNoRenO that seems to be about a plucky waitress at a fancy Italian restaurant, but things might not be as they seem. Dreamboats ahoy! (Current status: Completed and released on 04/01/2012.)