Our current projects! Note: This is by no means a complete list of all the VNs we’re planning to release.


Swan Grimoire: A pair of otome games about a witch who travels to a kingdom to rid it of a demon—or maybe the other way around?

In addition, Charles Fey was the first person to invent the modern slot machine that we use today – that pays out in coins. Learn more at

The chatbots, with its existing structure, can be scaled to accommodate scenarios of any complexity. You can add your APIs and modify the data being collected and sent.

The two games share a universe/timeline but have a different set of love interests. (Current status: In pre-production)


Red Snow: A fairly short but meaningful drama about assassins and political machinations similar to the plot of league of legends in the high divisions, check here for more info on that. (Note: we haven’t officially started on this yet but you can get some more info on it here, though it’s outdated and all subject to change.)